Tuesday, September 05, 2006

While I'm thinking about "formula faith" and "narrative faith" I came acoross the following in Tom Wrights's book, Simply Christian.

"The Bible does indeed contain lists of rules (the Ten Commandments, for instance, in Exodus 20), but as it stands, as a whole, it doesn't consist of a list of dos and don'ts. It's a story, a grand epic narrative... It is, after all, a love story albeit with a diference. And the authority of the Bible is the authority of a love story in which we are invited to take part. It is, in that sense, more like the "authority" of ... a novel in which, though the scene is set, the plot well developed, and the ending planned and insight, there is still some way to go, and we are invited to become living, participating, intelligent, and decision-making characters within the story as it moves toward its destination." p186, Simply Christian, N.T. Wright.

I found that explanation of the "grand narrative" of scripture by Wright to be fascinating.

So, when I'm reading through the Old Testament book of Daniel this week (and for the next six weeks - this is what our congregation will be doing during my six week message series on the Book of Daniel - "Becoming a Person of Integrity") I can certainly read it as the past story of a man who exemplified living with integrity. But, I can also read it as the "Forward" to my story, of how God is helping me become a person of integrity.

I will look for commonalities between what Daniel faced and what I face. I will begin to look to God for guidance in my decision-making, and I'll be more expectant of God's power to help me act with integrity, even when it would be easier to cut the corners.